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We bring ourselves into play. Informative, resource-saving, visually appealing and search engine optimised.   

From the first steps to the freestyle in tactics and pleasure: Workshops and process support for team and strategy development are available here.

Storytelling Plus



Corona has clarified some technical issues (because we simply had to), but not solved structural problems that educational and cultural institutions have to deal with in the course of digitalisation. I set up innovation processes as desired, reflect projects and accompany them to the set goal; for example, a newly designed subject/module or inputs to established subjects. 

Workshops for schools



From the toolset of ALPHABET LAB: Your class writes a detective story, puts themselves in different perspectives, discusses ethical questions and the "whodunit". They immerse themselves in the story, because the murderer is sitting among them... Work with anything that helps to write the story and solve the case. 


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