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Developing culture together

Culture is created through exchange. By allowing something new, by listening. With attempts that sometimes go wrong. By being open-minded and curious towards each other. I was able to have one of these experiences in India, with my English publishing house, Seagull Books, which is based in Kolkata, with the people I met and some of whom have become my friends, with the Goethe Institute South Asia and its great collaborators and it's network.

The visits to India have left their mark on me, they have done so since my first trip when I was 19 years old to visit a pen pal. 

New projects ahead!

Monica Cantieni, ALPHABET LAB, June 23

You and me

Our Story

Storytelling is as old as mankind.

We use it to convey the content we want to convey, the goals we set, the visions we represent. Whether in art, journalism, as a company or in educational and cultural institutions. With digitalisation, questions arise in all areas as to which storytelling we need in order to be able to communicate our concerns to those we want to address. We talk about accessibility, we talk about the technology that is needed for this and about those who operate it. We also speak of access to these means, of a structure that takes into account those to whom the technical or social means are not accessible or only accessible to a limited extent, we speak of inclusion and sustainability and of the interplay between the individual components. Together with your and/or your team we work out each of these steps or individual components. 

ALPHABET LAB | Monica Cantieni, Writer, Ma Digital Management





Workshop for newly formed teams, national or international, optionally in languages: D/ENG
Duration: 1/2 day
#trust #safespace #work

Half-day workshop - not only - for newly formed (project-) teams who have a lot of work ahead of them. Awakens the storyteller in team members, connects quickly and easily and creates a safe space for future creative work. #trust

Pic: Reflection | Hyper Island, London


I am a writer. By nature, I am interested in changing perspectives in my novels.

I not only write novels, but since 2010 I have been actively involved with digitisation and possible new forms of narration and transmission. I built up the online department of the culture department of SRF Swiss Radio and Television and managed it for several years, then went on to do a Master's degree in London in Digital Management and since then I have been teaching digital forms of working that can be applied both analogue and digitally to find solutions in transformation processes. I design and support digital strategies and the team development that goes with them. My focus is on educational and cultural institutions.

I am currently working on new forms of storytelling and a narration toolkit for international collaborations with the Goethe Institute South Asia, the University ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL and various narration specialists from the education and literature sector in India and Germany on behalf of the Goethe Institute South Asia.

You and me and ALPHABET LAB


Thank you!


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