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Bio Monica Cantieni

The writer Monica Cantieni, (*1965), lives in Wettingen, Switzerland. She publishes novels and short stories.

Her novel "Grünschnabel", published by Schöffling & Co, Frankfurt a. Main was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize in 2011, as well as - in its English translation by Seagull Books, Kolkata-London-Chicago - for the First Book Award at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (UK, 2015). The novel has been translated into six languages. 

Monica Cantieni is also a Grimme online award winner for the film platform "Frischfilm", which she realised for SRF Swiss Radio and Television. At SRF, she also built up the online platform of the culture department and headed it until 2017.

After completing the "Master of Arts in Digital Management" (2020), at Hyper Island, London, she founded ALPHABET LAB in 2021.

2023 she publishes her first book for young readers, "Zwischen Leben" ("Between Lives") with da bux Verlag, Switzerland.

She is currently working on her new novel for adults.


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Latest Projects

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My latest projects


In March 2020, when the Corona pandemic brought public life to a standstill and toilet paper became the seemingly most essential commodity of all, the Aargauer Literaturhaus initiated various online projects.

The results are literary testimonies of an extraordinary time. 

With contributions by:
Peter Stamm, T.C. Boyle, A.L. Kennedy, Judith Schalansky, Jan Konnefke, Katja Petrowskaja, Kendel Hippolyte, Monica Cantieni, Robert Cohen, Ruth Schweikert and many others (Text: Midas Verlag)
Bettina Spoerri, Anne Wieser eds. Schwellenzeit - 44 Autoren schreiben zur Corona-Zeit, Midas Verlag, 2020


What happens when chocolate suddenly becomes scarce worldwide?

It has been stolen and can no longer be found. Not a crumb. The case is complex. Especially at Lützelflühs in Bern Bümpliz, it is a drama. The robbery will go down in history. However, the police are on the gang's trail. The wild chase leads through Switzerland, into a nameless jungle and ends in Canada, even though the gang is digitally quite fit. 
In this way, literacy, argumentation, media and presentation skills can be taught and practised in a low-threshold way. The project is part of the toolset "ALPHABET LAB" and was designed at the request of the school.


Workshop für Schulen – Zyklus 2,3 bis Sek II

Wie sieht eigentlich eine ideale Stadt aus? Was braucht es, dass sie funktioniert? Was ist schon Wirklichkeit und was sind die Wünsche einer Generation, die noch die Schulbank drückt, aber schon Ideen hat, die wir Erwachsene haben und ganz bestimmt in Teilen schon jetzt umsetzen sollten. Das übrigens hätten sich die Schüler:innen der 5. und 6. Klasse der Schule Marzili in Bern gewünscht, und am liebsten hätten sie es gern gleich selber in die Hand genommen.

Das Projekt ist Teil des Toolsets «ALPHABET LAB» und wurde auf Wunsch der Schule designed und für eine Website umgesetzt. Das gesamte Design ist in demokratischen Entscheiden und mit dem Bildmaterial der Klassen entstanden. 

Hier kann die Stadt besucht werden. Click!

Ich habe eine Frage dazu / möchte den Workshop gleich buchen. 

Im Wald

Murder at the «Abe Kebabra»

The senior class of the Lenzburg District School writes a crime novel in half a day, in which the murderer sits in their own ranks. They are all suspected of having committed the murder of the instastar Vlasta. And the murderer strikes again.
This is a low-threshold way of teaching and practising literacy, argumentation, media and presentation skills. The project is part of the toolset "ALPHABET LAB" and was designed at the request of the school.

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