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In AAKU, the magazine, April 2024 (Article in german)

Using literature against hate

The two authors Monica Cantieni and Bettina brought Swiss authors together to appeal to humanity through the medium of literature.


Autor*innen gegen Hass

Hier ein paar Eindrücke aus den Lesungen aus dem Literaturhaus Zürich, dem Literaturhaus Basel, der Loge Luzern 

Die Autor*innen sind von links nach rechts: Monica Cantieni, Bettina Spoerri (Mitbegründerin von ;MENSCH SEIN» und Autorin/Verlegerin) mit Alain Claude Sulzer, Literaturhaus Zürich, Nathalie Schmid, Simon Froehling, Mikhail Shishkin

Fotos: Sonja Maria Schobinger und Miklós Klaus Rózsa (Bild 2)

Anker 1



1 / 16.4.2024 um 20.00 Uhr / Loge Luzern
Zusammenarbeit mit dem Literaturhaus Zentralschweiz

Mit Alexander Estis, Romana Ganzoni, Ilma Rakusa, Alain Claude Sulzer

Moderation: Bettina Spoerri

Reservationen bitte an oder WhatsApp/sms an 079 606 95 44

2 / 18.4.2024, 19.15 Uhr / ODEON Brugg

Mit Silvio Blatter, Michael Fehr, Jürg Halter, Bettina Spoerri und Alain Claude Sulzer

3 / 06.10.2024 / Literaturhaus St. Gallen

Setlist wird zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt bekanntgegeben

4 / 07.10.2024 / Kantonsbibliothek Chur

Mit Monica Cantieni, Zsuzsanna Gahse, Romana Ganzoni, Ralph Tarayil und Silvia Tschui 

5 / 01.2025 / Casa della Letteratura, Lugano

Con Yari Bernasconi, Vanni Bianconi, Begoña Feijoó Fariña, Fabio Pusterla, Tommaso Soldini
Die Veranstaltung wird in italienischer Sprache durchgeführt.

L'evento si terrà in lingua italiana.

Kamera / Ton: Miklós Klaus Rózsa
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«Between Lifes»

Young adults book

You are a sperm whale, and you and your best mate discover that you are dead and your species is history. What if you don't accept that? 
#climatechange #equalopportunities #inclusion #diversity #literature #youngadults

German edition will be published 21st september 2023 by da bux Verlag.

Anker 2


The list is updated on an ongoing basis.

Readings in German


26.03.24 Bibliothek Oftringen (Schullesungen)

22.04.24 Bibliothek Seon (Schullesungen) 

23.04.24 Bibliothek Seon (Schullesungen) 

24.04.24 Bibliothek Seon (Schullesungen) 

22.05.24 Schweiz. Vorlesemorgen, Schule Liguster, Zürich

22.-26.11 Basler Lesewoche «Literatur aus erster Hand»

07.10.24 «Mensch sein | Being human», Writers against

hate, Kantonsbibliothek Chur

01.25      Tour in India with the translation of the young adults novel «Zwischen Leben» into Bangla and Marathi


MUS-E-Project in Bern, CH

Sponsored by the City of Berne, Switzerland

Spring 24 | Long-term project at the Schwabengut I school in Bern 

We are in the process of cooking it up.

Teachers/schools/institutions  from all over the world can invite me to develop a cultural project with their school. We will develop the content together. According to your needs. The following information 

The following project information is available in English on request. Just contact me. 




Schule Teufental, September 2022

It was not difficult to fill the board. I asked the students to try to describe the topic of home/homelands, to put it into words. From hamsters to grannies, the X-Box, travelling and arriving, everything was there. 



You have a jumble of notes, short texts, long ones, they are fictional or biographical; you have diaries, photos or both and are looking for the appropriate form for them, also the appropriate form of publicity....   



A school/class builds a city. It is portrayed on a website. But not only that: the aim is to be able to present some of it to local politicians, to launch a generation dialogue and also to implement the change. The prototype is ready. The fifth and sixth classes of the Marzili school in Bern have come up with great proposals. 

The city can be visited: Here. Click! (only german)


The workshop can be booked. 

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