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«Once Upon a Tomorrow»

Narrative Expert | Goethe-Institut South Asia

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Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan:

«The idea of the project emerged from some difficult observations about the challenges of diversity, inclusion, equality, engagement, and belonging in the complex and contested worlds we live in. We recognize that these are all human experiences which are perhaps best addressed with the most innate of all human needs - the need for stories. Story-telling is one of the most powerful devices we have because stories build worlds; worlds we have, worlds we want, and worlds worth fighting for.»

© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

In my own words: 

Beyond religious, cultural and political boundaries, in a series of remote workshops we create new narrative forms that connect us around the world. 

June to October 2022

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«Ich bin überzeugt, dass wir der wachsenden Ungleichheit in der Schweiz nur mit einem gerechteren Steuersystem entgegenwirken können, das Kapital, Kapitalgewinn und Erbe härter anfasst und Verdienst entlastet. 

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ALPHABET LAB | Schule Wynental, AG


Ein Workshop nach Mass für die Klasse A

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ALPHABET LAB | Schule Wynental, AG


Ein Workshop nach Mass für die Klasse B

Now available in Australia